Westclicks Releases Digital Goods easyPay for payPal

We are proud and happy to release dg_easyPay

  • easy to install and use for digital goods downloads on your web site.
  • take advantage of payPal’s digital goods in-context payment flow for your website
    whether you are:
    • a band selling your music
    • an animator
    • providing ebook’s
    • games
    • etc
  • your site visitors will seamlessly enjoy the in-context experience

for more info or to download dg_easyPay

  1. Digital Goods EasyPay Documentation
  2. Super Basic Emailer Documentation
  3. Digital Goods easyPay for WordPress Plugin Documentation
  4. tutorial – adding a database table only once in your wordpress plugin
  5. super basic emailer plugin using shortcodes – tutorial