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Digital Goods easyPay for WordPress Plugin Documentation

Digital Goods easyPay is meant to be a plug and use solution
to that pesky payPal API interface – using digital goods in-context.

The main advantage for using an in-context solution is that
the payPal payment flow all happens within the window of
your website… providing a seemless experience for the user.

download dg_easyPay for wordpress


In order to use paypal’s digital goods interface you will need:

  1. a payPal BUSINESS account (personal and premier not accepted)
  2. your payment solution to be: PayPal for Digital Goods (Express Checkout) log in to paypal to do this.
    you set up your payment solution when you login to payPal:
    my account > profile > my selling tools > my business setup > set up my payment solutions
  3. API Credentials from payPal
    you define your API Credentials after you log into your payPal account at paypal by going to:
    my account > profile > my selling tools > selling online > API access
  4. provide a digital good! - a downloadable file etc.
    no shipping options are allowed with digital goods.
  5. have your sever in a country that allows the digital goods payment flow.

Likewise for testing purposes using payPal’s sandbox,
you will need to setup a seller and a buyer in your sandbox environment.
From there you can get the test sellers API credentials.


The download file is a .zip file. Simply extract it and put the contents into your plugins folder. The plugins folder in your wordpress installation is located at:


To use Digital Goods easyPay for wordpress, simply insert the shortcode:

[wc_dg_easypay attach_id=’your attachment_id‘ price=’your attachment price‘ ]

Into any post or page of your wordpress site.
replacing your attachment_id and your attachment price with their respective values, of course.

To find your attachment_id:

in dashboard click on media, in the media library click on edit for the file you are interested in.
The attachment_id (a number) will show in the URL box of your browser.
It will look something like:
url window example to show how to get the attachment_id
What you are after is the number after attachment_id=

The price for your digital good should be something like:   .99 or 3.89 etc in other words no ‘$’ sign etc.

For example:
[wc_dg_easypay attach_id=’196′ price=’.99′ ]

plugin settings

In the admin (dashboard) section of your wordpress installation you will see ‘Digital Goods easyPay’ as a new setting under the settings menu, after you activate your plugin.

In the settings you will need to enter your payPal API credentials see above on how to get them from payPal.

payPal API entry example for Digital Goods easyPay

The payPal site and payPal API site have already been entered for you. Most likely you won’t have to change these… But, depending on your location you may need to. You can get these URL’s from your payPal account.

download dg_easyPay for wordpress


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