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dg_easyPay – digital goods for paypal

Digital Goods easyPay is meant to be a plug and use solution
to that pesky payPal API interface – using digital goods in-context.

The main advantage for using an in-context solution is that
the payPal payment flow all happens within the window of
your website… providing a seemless experience for the user.

for dg_easyPay documentation click here

download dg_easyPay for only $20!


In order to use paypal’s digital goods interface you will need:

  1. a payPal BUSINESS account (personal and premier not accepted)
  2. your payment solution to be: PayPal for Digital Goods (Express Checkout) log in to paypal to do this.
    you set up your payment solution when you login to payPal:
    my account > profile > my selling tools > my business setup > set up my payment solutions
  3. API Credentials from payPal
    you define your API Credentials after you log into your payPal account at paypal by going to:
    my account > profile > my selling tools > selling online > API access
  4. provide a digital good! - a downloadable file etc.
    no shipping options are allowed with digital goods.
  5. have your sever in a country that allows the digital goods payment flow.

Likewise for testing purposes using payPal’s sandbox,
you will need to setup a seller and a buyer in your sandbox environment.
From there you can get the test sellers API credentials.


The download file is a .zip file. Simply extract the downloaded zip file into the directory where you would like
to use dg_easyPay!

If you are running wordpress… download Digital Goods easyPay for wordpress here.

download dg_easyPay for only $20
pay using payPal – this payment flow infact uses dg_easyPay!

download dg_easyPay for only $20!

for dg_easyPay documentation click here