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Country - States Lists

Currently we provide country state lists accessible under several formats. Select a country from the list below and you will get a list of the corresponding state/locale/canton etc for the country using the international double format 'AA'.

Select a Country

Select a format

How to Use The Web Service

The service is comprised of URL calls.
There are a only a few variables to use in the name-value-pair request in the URL:

where format is either:
  • json a json object
  • jsarray a javascript array
  • option an html option list
(optional) if you are after the states in the country
where country is the international double character designation for the country
ie. AU for Australia

thus you end up with a query string something like:
Which you pass to the webservice as:

NOTE: to get a list of all countries simply omit the country 'c' variable form the query string and pass only the format.

Clicking on the following link will return a page with an option string of all the countries: http://www.westclicks.com/webservices/?f=option
Clicking on the following link will return a page with a json string of the states in Australia: http://www.westclicks.com/webservices/?f=json&c=AU